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Safety Management Assessment (SMA)

The Safety Management Assessment (SMA) was created in 2002, and has evolved through a series of revisions to the current integrated audit format, which provides a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s safety management practices. The audit consists of 12 elements that range from legislated safety management requirements to hazard identification and safety management practices in the field. Today more than 250 local, provincial and national contracting companies complete this audit as part of the local industrial plant pre-qualification requirements.

The following documents are part of the three-year cycle of this audit process:

1)      SMA Contractor Profile (this is done at the beginning of a 3-year cycle)

2)      SMA Annual Review Profile (this is a condensed version of the initial SMA and is completed in years 2 and 3)

3)      SMA Field Visit Profile (this document is completed on an annual basis and represents about 20% of the total audit score)

The “Contractor Status Report” is available for download  to IEC members and those companies completing an SMA:

Contractor Status Report  (password protected)