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REDUCE Your Injury Rates
LOWER Your Business Costs
through our Safety Partnership
Injury Prevention Model

Compliance Training

Training your employees on how to deal with violence and harassment in the workplace helps your company stay compliant with Ontario Regulations.

Safety Training

Delivery of standardized programs in Working at Heights, Confined Space Entry and Respiratory Fit Testing  enable workers to work safely on the job and go home safe at the end of each day.


About IEC Safety Partnership

The IEC, formed in 1993, has gained widespread recognition provincially and internationally for helping organizations achieve excellent safety performance through safety and leadership development programs. Our programs and services offer companies the opportunity to become their own leaders in safety as well as becoming a part of an Injury-Free culture. In 2001, a major milestone occurred when three large stakeholder groups joined forces and established a unique Safety Partnership involving local plant owners, contractors and building trades. The Safety Partnership is committed to creating an Injury-Free culture so that on or off the job, we have a stronger and safer community. The strength of the partnership grows each day as we strive to better the safety of all workers. Learn more About US …


“The Construction Safety Association of Ontario for decades has recognized Sarnia Construction Association’s members and Union Building Trades leading role in reducing injuries, and members have consistently had the best safety record in the province.”

Ray Curran
Sarnia Construction Association Labour Relations Chairman


“Alongside the building trades and contractors, we are committed as an industry to creating Injury & Incident Free workplaces so that on or off the job, we have a stronger and safer community. To deliver this objective, the IEC plays a key role through the creation & delivery of an outstanding suite of safety training programs.”

Rohan Davis
Imperial Oil, Sarnia Refinery Manager


“The clients, union contractors, and union workers of Sarnia have stayed with their commitment to cause the safest place in the world for construction workers to earn their living.”

John Swart
Sarnia Building Trades President