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IEC Launches new Regional Registration Application

The Industrial Educational Cooperative is pleased to have launched a new regional registration application on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

The new system simplifies the user experience by modernizing the process used to search, register and pay for IEC courses, while also enhancing the user’s ability to track, verify, and report training information.

New cards include ‘Quick Response’ (QR) code technology that can be used to verify competencies in a wide range of applications. Most importantly, any security vulnerabilities identified with the previous registration system have now been addressed and system speed/performance has greatly improved.

The IEC Registration staff and Project Team spent the past year configuring the system to meet the unique needs of our region. This same group then challenged the system through months of testing with the intention of finding flaws and verifying functionality.  Further, they worked with the IEC Program Development team to develop training materials for user reference. The final product was tabled to the 777 Strategy Committee who then made a recommendation to the IEC Board to move forward with launch of the application.

Prior to the launch of the application, over 100 people were trained by IEC staff on the system to help ensure a smooth regional transition to the new tool.

Since the launch, more than 400 accounts have been created for users from approximately 200 companies. Additionally, more than 700 trainees have been scheduled for courses through the new application and more than one third of scheduled courses have been paid for through the IEC’s new credit card pre-payment capabilities ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

The IEC would like to thank Datarowe Inc. for their hard work on the development and launch of the application, as well as the input from all Safety Partnership members who participated in the project.

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