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Records Management System (RMS)

Records Management System (RMS)

The Records Management System was implemented in July 2009.  The initial goal was to reduce training duplication valley-wide by allowing the Safety Partnership companies access to training records for contractors in the area.
With this access, companies are able to see what training is needed for recertification and compliance.  On-line registration is available to streamline training requirements and eliminate duplication of training.  Overall we have estimated a savings of over $1 million dollars of training and hourly wage costs.

By the end of 2013 we have hosted over 500,000 training records for more than 3000 companies. spanning over 60, 000 unique trainees.

Since the launch in 2009, we have made many upgrades to the existing RMS.  Some of these upgrades include:
–  Employee Training Manager module
–  Injury Reports module
–  Records Upload module
–  Security Guard access
–  SMA Audit module

We continuously work together with our Stakeholders making improvements to our system.  This collaboration has worked very well and has enabled information sharing among the groups.